Top 2019 Wallpaper Trends

wallpaperSimilar to trends in fashion and music, interior decorating also goes through cycles. Wallpaper trends are especially interesting because unlike fashion and music, they can’t really change every season. People aren’t going to replace their wallpaper every year. So when trends do change it becomes quite noticeable. In that regard, here’s our tips for the top 2019 wallpaper trends.

Natural Materials

Using wallpaper to mimic a natural stone, brick or wood wall is a cheaper and less permanent way of achieving the same effect. Natural materials such as rock and wood lend an air of warmth and ease. Many of the prints available these days are completely indiscernible from the real thing until you actually go up and touch them.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are no longer the sole domain of flamboyant fashionistas. They’ve become acceptable for yours walls as well. There’s a wide range of prints to choose from including zebra, cheetah, tiger and more. If you’re looking for something modern and cutting edge, look to the jungles for inspiration.

Floral Patterns

Staying with the natural, floral patterns aren’t anything new, but they fit in well with the world’s greater understanding of environmental issues. Colours can be natural, but they can also be somewhat more daring with black, white or metallic prints.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are another classic which is back in vogue. Symmetrical patterns invoke a sense of order and sophistication. Geometric patterns work especially well in smaller spaces and can also be used on the ceiling for an added effect.

3D Patterns

If you’re looking for a modern twist on wallpaper, take a look at the 3D patterns available today. They add some texture to the room while drawing the eye to the the edges of the area. Find a 3D design as dazzling or as understated as you need it to be.


With the advent of computer programs that allow large prints to be made from any photograph, people are customizing their places with murals that appeal directly to their own personality. No longer do you have to pick a design or motif off the rack, you can simply pull it from your own camera roll.

How to Choose a Gas or Electric Fireplace

Gas or Electric FireplaceSome people add a fireplace to their home to create a certain sense of ambience.  Others install a fireplace specifically to warm the room up. If you’re not interested in chopping wood to keep your fireplace roaring, you’ll have to choose between gas or electric.  In this article we’ll go over various aspects to consider when deciding how to choose a gas or electric fireplace.

Got Flame?

The main difference between a electric and gas fireplaces is the flame.  Gas fireplaces have a real flame whereas electric fireplaces do not. For some people, not having a real flame is a dealbreaker.  For others, not having a flame can be a positive. If you have young children or pets, having an open flame might not be the safest thing to have around.  


An electric fireplace is going to be much easier to install compared with a gas fireplace.  All you really need to do is plug it in and you’ll be ready to go. A gas fireplace, on the other hand, will likely require an experienced technician to set it up.  Making sure gas connections are properly fitted shouldn’t be left up to someone without experience. Another factor you’ll need to consider is whether you’ll need to create a chimney.  An electric fireplace won’t require access to a chimney whereas a regular gas fireplace will. That said, there are vent-free fireplaces that don’t require a chimney, although they’re not legal in many areas.  Make sure to check your local regulations if looking into a vent-free fireplace.


Generally speaking electrical fireplaces are cheaper to install than gas fireplaces.  And they’re also cheaper to run as well. You’ll find the cost of running an electrical fireplace to be about half that of its gas counterpart.

Functional Or Fashionable?

If you’re looking to warm up the room, both electrical and gas fireplaces will do the job.  However, if you just want the ambience of a fireplace without adding heat to the room, an electrical fireplace will be the right choice for you.  Most electrical fireplaces have a switch that allow them to be used without generating heat. You’ll be able to enjoy sitting in front of a fire on a warm summer evening without even breaking a sweat.