Top Tips for Choosing a Fireplace Mantel

new fireplace mantel A fireplace very often becomes the centrepiece of the room it inhabits.  Not only do the flames command attention, but the mantel itself frames the fire and allows pictures and other decorations to be easily displayed.  A mantel is a great way to jazz up a simple fireplace.  But there are some factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right one.  In this article, we go over some of the top tips for choosing a fireplace mantel.


A fireplace mantel can be simple and affordable or it can be extremely ornate and expensive.  Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will play a large role in the type of mantel you ultimately decide upon.  Factors such as the material the mantel is made of, the detail of the design and its size will determine how much it will cost.  Once you decide on how much you’re willing to spend your choice will become easier.


Choosing an appropriate sized mantel that works with both the fireplace and the room, in general, is an important consideration.  Finding the right balance will allow the fireplace to become a focal point without overwhelming the entire room.  Make sure to take into account the size of the room, the mantel and the fireplace itself to get the best balance possible.


Knowing the size of your fireplace and firebox will be important when it comes time to choose an appropriate mantel.  Whether or not you have a hearth will also play a role in the size of the mantel that works best.  Fireplace facings are another thing to keep in mind when shopping for mantels.  Oddly shaped fireboxes may require a custom made mantel to ensure things look natural.


Mantels can be made of a wide variety of materials.  Most mantels these days are composed of wood because it’s cheap and easy to work with.  However, you can also get mantels made of stone, marble and a number of other materials.  Take into account the furnishings and design of the rest of the room to allow you to choose something that’s appropriate.

How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions, Decorative Medallions

A ceiling medallion is a decorative accent that covers the part of the ceiling where a light fixture is attached.  They can range from the very basic to highly ornate and patterned. The size of the ceiling medallion is typically matched with the size of light fixture that it’s paired with.  Installing a ceiling medallion is quite doable for the average DIYer. In this article we’ll go over the tools needed and the various steps required for how to install a ceiling medallion.

Materials List

To install a ceiling medallion, you’ll need the medallion itself along with some needle nose pliers, a drill or screwdriver, screws, wood filler, putty knife, paint and brush, glue and caulking.  

Preparation And Safety

Test to make sure you have all the necessary parts and everything fits before proceeding.  If you need to paint the ceiling medallion, you might as well do this before you install it.  Allow it to dry completely. Make sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker box before attempting the installation.  Remove the existing light fixture from the ceiling and the wires.


Make sure the decorative side of the ceiling medallion is facing the right way and thread the wires through the central hole.  Centre the ceiling medallion over the hole it’s going to cover and mark where you want it to sit. Apply a decent amount of glue or caulking to the ceiling side of the medallion and hold it into place until you can secure it to the ceiling with the screws.  If there are any gaps between the ceiling and the ceiling medallion you can fill this in with paintable caulking.

Final Touches

Once the ceiling medallion is securely in place you can reattach the light fixture to the exposed wires.  If you needed to add paintable caulking, sand down any rough edges once it’s dried and give it a coating of paint.  Turn the power to the circuit back on and make sure the light works as required. Stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!