Crown moulding is a decorative trim used in homes to create an elegant, unique finish to each room. Typically installed where the wall and ceiling meet, when crown moulding was first used way back in history, it was to creatively cover up gaps or flaws in building materials. Today, it is a symbol of style, luxury, and elegant taste. But crown moulding also does more than just look beautiful. Because it draws your eyes upwards, it helps lift the space in a room which gives the appearance of having higher ceilings in your home.

Crown mouldings are typically made of plaster and the elaborate designs can be re-used to create a seamless theme throughout your home. It is typically made of from vinyl, PVC or polyurethane foam (as well as traditional plaster) and can be painted to the color of your choice. Crown mouldings are moisture resistant, lightweight, durable and will last for many, many years.

Crown Moulding of Today

There is also plenty of versatility in crown mouldings. While often the grandiose, wide and very ornamental style of old Victorian homes come to mind, today crown moulding choices can be very modern in appearance and subtle. When considering what type of crown moulding to choose for your home, it is important to work with the style of your home as well as ceiling height to decide which moulding will work the best with your architecture. At AM Group Studio, we have a wealth of experience with all types of mouldings and home decor and can help guide you in making the best decision for your home.

Why Choose AM Group Studio?

At AM Group Studio, we are a leading manufacturer of crown mouldings, mantels and more. Our skilled craftsmanship is known for both high quality and beauty. While we offer custom design and custom mouldings, we are also skilled in moulding matching and can replicate any style or type of moulding that is already incorporated in your home to create a seamless, flawless appearance. Our crown moulding Toronto team will listen to your vision, work with you closely on the details and bring the perfect finishing touch to your home.

If you are looking to add beauty and a touch of elegance to your house, consider AM Group Studio exquisite mouldings and mantels. Call us today for more information and see the difference AM Group Studio can make!