Add character, dimension and visual interest to your ceiling whether it is with a coffered ceiling detail, a custom decorative moulding layout, a mix of indirect moulding and trim accentuating a focal point in a room or one of our unique quatre foil mouldings – the possibilities are endless! Let us know what you have in mind. We can assist in designing your ceiling and selecting suitable moulding profiles.


Interior ceiling domes evoke a sense of grandness, a gesture to European architecture and grand cathedrals. A dome makes an unforgettable first impression. We specialize in creating custom plaster ceiling domes of any size and shape. If you are building a custom home take into account desired dome height and necessary ceiling structure to build. You can finish a dome with cove moulding and decorative trim for an incredible first impression.

Quatrefoil Moulding

Quatrefoil ceiling moulding is currently available in three sizes. Create a unique and unforgettable space with the addition of this intricate moulding. Small is 2’-1” x 2’-1” Medium 4’-6” x 4’-6” and Large 6’x6’.

Decorative Moulding Tapestry

We can help you design a beautiful decorative moulding tapestry for your ceiling that can make as quiet and subtle or as bold a statement as you desire. With a throw back to European roots, these beautiful tapestries are designed with a mix of medallion, trim, decorative corner pieces and crown moulding. The possibilities are endless. What’s sure is that you will instantly add a sense of charm and history to your living space. Often times the tension created between an ornamental vintage style ceiling paired with clean modern furnishings and finishes in a space is stunning.

Coffered Ceiling

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Indirect Lighting

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Ceiling Trim Design

A flat drywall ceiling can easily be transformed with the addition of very simple trim moulding configured to suit the existing shape of a room as well as to create a focal point in a room such as a dining room pendant. We can assist in designing a ceiling trim moulding layout best suited to accentuate your space.