Whether you’re looking for the installation of new crown moulding that matches what already exists in your house or you need to repair or replace small sections, AM Group Studio is here to help you with all your moulding matching needs.  As the leading manufacturer of custom made mouldings in Toronto we can create precise plaster based replicas that will be identical to your existing pieces. Our skilled technicians will match any type of moulding you have.

Crown mouldings are used to create a smooth yet decorative transition between the ceiling and the wall.  This ornamental trim, which originates from the late Renaissance period, lends a feeling of elegance and flair to the room.  Crown mouldings can range from the plain and simple to the extraordinarily ornate and detailed. Quite often when adding new crown moulding or repairing deteriorating pieces it can be difficult to find matching pieces straight off the shelf.  This is where AM Group Studio’s custom design work comes into play.

Quality with Professionalism

We go out of our way to work closely with our customers so we can achieve a precisely finished end product.  We create all our crown moulding pieces in our own manufacturing facility which is staffed with experienced and skilled craftspeople.  Plaster crown moulding manufacturing is a meticulous handcrafted process that requires diligence and careful consideration. Our moulding matching Toronto artisans understand their company’s reputation relies on producing a quality product and therefore take great pride in creating unique and beautiful pieces.  We always stay focused on deadlines and cost without compromising on quality.

As fixated as we are on creating precisely matched mouldings, we direct the same amount of focus into the installation of our pieces.  We do our utmost to ensure the installation process is efficient and precise. Our goal is to achieve a proper fit that is seamless, secure and stable.  From working with you to creating the perfectly matching design to delivering and installing the finished pieces accurately and on time, we strive to finish the job to your complete satisfaction while providing unrivaled customer service.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation regardless of the size of your project.  Our highly trained professionals are excited to help you realize your vision.