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Maybe you’ve moved into a new house or maybe you just got a brand new TV.  Now you have to decide where the TV belongs. Should you place a TV above your fireplace?  Well, that really depends. In this article we’ve described scenarios of when you should or shouldn’t position your TV above the fireplace.


Proximity Of Jacks And Plug Ins

If all the cables, jacks and plug ins required for your TV make placing the unit above your fireplace easy and convenient, then this may make it a good idea.  The last thing you want is for wires and cables to be strung all over your mantlepiece. If the hookups allow for it, why not?

Small Rooms

Sometimes the size of the room will dictate where your TV must go.  If you’re dealing with a small room, there might not be enough space for the TV to go anywhere else.  Using the space above your fireplace will give more room for furniture and other living room necessities.

Low Temperature Fireplaces

Putting your TV above a wood burning fireplace is probably not the best of ideas.  The heat could make this a dangerous plan. However, with lower temperature fireplaces such as electric, gas or gel you won’t have to worry about your TV being melted by a roaring fire.

Solid Fireplaces And Chimneys

If you have a fireplace and chimney that’s made of stone, brick or some other solid material, you might find it almost impossible to mount your TV or run wires.  With this type of setup it may not be worth your while to try and get everything properly attached.

Large Fireplaces

If your fireplace is quite tall, your TV may end up being placed too high on your wall and compromise your viewing experience.  TVs should really be placed at eye level. This is especially important with newer TVs that feature high definition or 4K graphics.  Viewing these types of TVs at an angle may render the sharper picture useless.

Viewing Distraction

If you have a roaring fire underneath your TV while watching a seriously dramatic or intense moment, your eye may be constantly pulled away from the screen.  If you want the best cinematic experience, any added movement around the TV screen will be an unwanted distraction.

Should You Place a TV Above Your Fireplace?

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