Popular since the Victorian times, plaster is still the traditional material used to create beautiful mouldings for homes. The perfect mix of plaster texture and appearance makes it the ideal source to create unique, one of a kind design as well as custom, popular design staples that are attractive and affordable.

In fact, a major advantage of choosing plaster moulding is that it is one of the least expensive moulding forms available on today’s market yet it is incredibly durable and strong.

What is Plaster Moulding Used For?

Typically, plaster moulding ornaments are used where the ceiling meets the wall in a room. It is a decorative treatment that provides both a creative, eye-catching transition and smooth, finished appearance.

If you are looking to add the perfect finishing touch to a room or completely transform the look of your home, plaster moulding can be a perfect choice. From luxurious to subtle, our superior moulding designs will bring warmth and an impressive sense of style to your home.

Installing plaster moulding designs to your home is a worthy investment and will make it stand out, which is particularly helpful when you decide to sell your home. Beautifully crafted custom designed plaster moulding, cornices, crowns and more will give back by increasing the overall value on your home.

Why Choose AM Group Studio?

If you are considering plaster moulding for your home in Toronto or the GTA, contact AM Group Studio. We are a full service, leading manufacturer of custom made plaster moulding masterpieces. Our team handles every aspect of your project from the design, fabrication, and installation in your home. We offer a wide range of plaster moulding options, including ceiling centres, fireplace mantels, cornice mouldings, dome friezes and much more.

Each crafted product we produce is made by our skilled plaster moulding Toronto team and made to your specific requirements and specifications. Our mouldings can be in traditional white or painted to a color or finish of your choice to perfectly adorn your walls and lend continuity to your rooms.

Whether you are looking for plaster moulding, custom mantels, fireplaces and more, call us today for more information and see the difference AM Group Studio can make!