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Ceiling medallions first became popular in Victorian-style, middle and upper class homes in the 19th century.  The decorative feature was attached to the ceiling and used to accentuate the light fixture or chandelier. Ceiling medallions have become popular again in the 21rst century and are often used in large rooms as a novel decorative addition.  They also have a practical purpose of covering the unsightly ceiling box of a light fixture. Getting a ceiling medallion that works best for your room isn’t quite a scientific endeavour, but there are a few tricks of the trade that can be used when deciding how to choose the best ceiling medallion.  Read more to find out how.

Measure For Success

There is an industry formula that can be used to measure for the best size ceiling medallion for any room.  This involves calculating the room’s square footage and dividing by seven. The resulting number will give you the ideal diameter of a ceiling medallion in inches.  Of course this is only a guideline, but it will at least give your somewhere to start. Often interior designers will try and match the size of the ceiling medallion to the size of the light fixture.  However, in large, fancily decorated rooms it might make sense to use a ceiling medallion that’s larger than the light fixture. For smaller, simpler rooms, it might be better to go with a smaller ceiling medallion.  Use the square footage divided by seven formula to get a base measurement to work with and then adjust according to the type of room and light fixture you have.

Matching Styles

Look around the room and try and match the style of your ceiling medallion with its surroundings.  If the room is large, highly decorated and already full of a lot of other types of moldings, you’ll be able to utilize a ceiling medallion that’s much more detailed and intricate.  Patterns on furniture, wallpaper and the floor should also influence the type of ceiling medallion you choose. Just like putting together a matching outfit of clothes, you can do the same when it comes to putting together a ceiling medallion and the other features in the room.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Medallion

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