Gas or Electric FireplaceKeeping your house warm in the cold of winter is a necessity, but it doesn’t always have to be incredibly expensive.  There are ways of heating your home that can bring down your costs and still keep you warm and snug. Electric fireplaces are one of those options.  In this article we’ve come up with a list of three ways to save money with an electric fireplace.

Zone Heating

By only heating the spaces in your house that you’re actually using at the time, you can cut down on your heating costs.  When you turn on your furnace your entire house gets warmed up, even if you’re only using your living room. By using your electric fireplace to heat up the room you’re using, rather than the entire house, you’ll bring down your overall energy bill.  The results will be even more noticeable the bigger your house or if you’re trying to heat up rooms that are colder because of their location or construction. An electric fireplace can also allow you to evenly heat your house for less money in a way that a traditional furnace can’t.

Electric Versus Gas Or Wood

Electric fireplaces are much cheaper to install than a traditional wood or gas fireplace – especially if your house is already built.  You don’t need to worry about chimneys, gas lines, ventilation or open flames when you’re dealing with an electric fireplace. All you need is access to an electrical socket.  The cost of burning wood or gas will also be more than the cost of the electricity needed to run an electric fireplace. This also doesn’t take into account the amount of physical energy that needs to be expended when you have to haul, chop and stack firewood.

Energy Efficiency 

When it comes to wasted energy, gas and wood fireplaces can lose more than half of their energy into the atmosphere.  Most of the heat from gas and wood fireplaces goes straight out the chimney. Electric fireplaces on the other hand are almost 100% energy efficient.  Air pollution and greenhouse gases are minimal compared with gas or wood.

Three Ways to Save Money with an Electric Fireplace

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